Grade 3


What we’re learning this year

In third grade, students dig deeper into resources like productivity apps (Word/Docs, PowerPoint/Slides, Excel/Sheets) as well as other apps that inspire creativity like Soundtrap and Canva. They also reinforce their typing skills throughout the year during various projects. Students also take a closer look at how to be responsible online and how to approach the online world from a Catholic perspective.

To the excitement of many students, third graders are also introduced to basic programming concepts through teaches coding basics using MIT’s Scratch, which takes long lines of programming code and turns them into colorful blocks students can move around on the screen. Through an age-tailored program on, our third grade students get a first look at coding.

What we’re learning this week

This week, students started their Google Docs unit by showing how well they remember how to use the tool. We will continue this unit for the next few weeks, practicing things like:

  • Understanding what a font is
  • Making changes to text (bold, italics, underlining, color changes)
  • Changing fonts and font size
  • Typing in a Google doc